Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lori 101--a little about me and my art.

Deep. Sensitive. Emotional. Caring. And real.  I think it’s the combination of those traits that inspire my art and drive my creative wheel to want to find new design solutions to challenge a viewers mind.  Being confined by rules is not easy, yet challenges me to constantly rework my art, to learn from the greats, and to realizing that my imperfections in art and in life help me become a stronger artist and a more unique person.

I’m not an average human being.  Compared to most, I’d like to think that I stand out.  My name is Lori  Weinkauf, a 22-year-old southern California native, born January 16th, in Harbor City.  Friends teasingly call me “World-War-II-in-a-can”, because of my Japanese, German, and Norwegian heritage.  Besides my cultural roots, the Hawaiian and Spanish cultures intrigue me. 

My interests include: art, photography, food, coffee, music, movies, history, cell phones, iTouch, Mac, Disney, tennis, surfing, traveling, dancing, writing, shopping, collecting things, superheroes, the beach, long walks, epic drives, corny romances, good conversations, and life.  It’s hard to limit myself to one standard definition of me.  I’m pretty simple and would not consider myself at all high maintenance, but I am a lot to handle.

After graduating from the California Academy of Mathematics and Science High School, to many people’s surprise, I decided to go to El Camino Community College to pursue art.  Now, I am a super senior, attending my second year at Cal State University Fullerton.  While being a full-time student, I also work part-time at the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland.

My education and career goals as a graphic designer are my priorities.  But, above all, my goal in life is to live free and be happy.  I work hard to play hard.  Pulling all nighters is a habit, sleeping is for “normies.”  Family and friends are my inspiration and loves.  Inspiration is all around us, which is why I love art.  Art is my outlet.

get to know me and make your own opinion about me.
Enjoy my artistic journey,